D3DX Enumerations

This section contains information about the following enumerated types and flags used with D3DX.:

D3DX10_CHANNEL_FLAG These flags are used by functions which operate on one or more channels in a texture.
D3DX_CPU_OPTIMIZATION Specifies the instruction set D3DX is currently optimized for.
D3DX10_ERR Errors are represented by negative values and cannot be combined.
D3DX10_FILTER_FLAG Texture filtering flags.
D3DX10_IMAGE_FILE_FORMAT Describes the supported image file formats.
D3DX10_MESH Flags used to specify creation options for a mesh.
D3DX10_MESH_DISCARD_FLAGS Specifies which pieces of mesh data to discard from the device. Used with ID3DX10Mesh::Discard.
D3DX10_MESHOPT Specifies the type of mesh optimization to be performed.
D3DX10_NORMALMAP_FLAG These flags are used to control how D3DX10ComputeNormalMap generates normal maps. Any number of these flags may be OR'd together in any combination.
D3DX10_SAVE_TEXTURE_FLAG Texture save options.


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