Miscellaneous driver primitive capability flags.

D3DPMISCCAPS_MASKZ0x00000002LDevice can enable and disable modification of the depth buffer on pixel operations.
D3DPMISCCAPS_CULLNONE0x00000010LThe driver does not perform triangle culling. This corresponds to the D3DCULL_NONE member of the D3DCULL enumerated type.
D3DPMISCCAPS_CULLCW0x00000020LThe driver supports clockwise triangle culling through the D3DRS_CULLMODE state. (This applies only to triangle primitives.) This flag corresponds to the D3DCULL_CW member of the D3DCULL enumerated type.
D3DPMISCCAPS_CULLCCW0x00000040LThe driver supports counterclockwise culling through the D3DRS_CULLMODE state. (This applies only to triangle primitives.) This flag corresponds to the D3DCULL_CCW member of the D3DCULL enumerated type.
D3DPMISCCAPS_COLORWRITEENABLE0x00000100LDevice supports per-channel writes for the render-target color buffer through the D3DRS_COLORWRITEENABLE state.
D3DPMISCCAPS_CLIPPLANESCALEDPOINTS0x00000200LDevice correctly clips scaled points of size greater than 1.0 to user-defined clipping planes.
D3DPMISCCAPS_CLIPTLVERTS0x00000200LDevice clips post-transformed vertex primitives.

Specify D3DUSAGE_DONOTCLIP when the pipeline should not do any clipping. For this case, additional software clipping may need to be performed at draw time, requiring the vertex buffer to be in system memory.

D3DPMISCCAPS_TSSARGTEMP0x00000400LDevice supports D3DTA for temporary register.
D3DPMISCCAPS_BLENDOP0x00000800LDevice supports alpha-blending operations other than D3DBLENDOP_ADD.
D3DPMISCCAPS_NULLREFERENCE0x00000100LA reference device that does not render.
D3DPMISCCAPS_INDEPENDENTWRITEMASKS0x00004000LDevice supports independent write masks for multiple element textures or multiple render targets.
D3DPMISCCAPS_POSTBLENDSRGBCONVERT0x00200000LDevice supports conversion to sRGB after blending.
Differences between Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 9Ex:This flag is available in Direct3D 9Ex only.


D3DPMISCCAPS_FOGANDSPECULARALPHA0x00010000LDevice supports separate fog and specular alpha. Many devices use the specular alpha channel to store the fog factor.
D3DPMISCCAPS_SEPARATEALPHABLEND0x00020000LDevice supports separate blend settings for the alpha channel.
D3DPMISCCAPS_MRTINDEPENDENTBITDEPTHS0x00040000LDevice supports different bit depths for multiple render targets.
D3DPMISCCAPS_MRTPOSTPIXELSHADERBLENDING0x00080000LDevice supports post-pixel shader operations for multiple render targets.
D3DPMISCCAPS_FOGVERTEXCLAMPED0x00100000LDevice clamps fog blend factor per vertex.


These constants are used by the PrimitiveMiscCaps member of D3DCAPS9.

Constant Information

Minimum operating systemWindows 98


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