Certificate Requests

The Certificate Enrollment SDK can be used to create PKCS #10, PKCS #7, CMC, and self-signed certificate requests. Each type of request is represented by one of the interfaces listed in the following table. All request interfaces inherit directly or indirectly from the IX509CertificateRequest interface.

IX509CertificateRequestPkcs10 Represents a PKCS #10 request. This interface inherits from IX509CertificateRequest.
IX509CertificateRequestPkcs7 Represents a PKCS #7 request. This interface inherits from IX509CertificateRequest.
IX509CertificateRequestCertificate Represents a self-signed certificate. This interface inherits from IX509CertificateRequestPkcs10.
IX509CertificateRequestCmc Represents a CMC request. This interface inherits from IX509CertificateRequestPkcs7.


The following illustration shows the inheritance structure of the request objects supported by the Certificate Enrollment API. An IX509CertificateRequest object serves, directly or indirectly, as the base class for all of the available request objects.

Inheritance structure for the request interfaces

Regardless of type, a certificate request contains information about the subject making the request, the subject's public key, a set of attributes, a set of X.509 version 3 extensions (which may be submitted as part of the attributes), and a signature. These issues are addressed by the following topics:

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