Adding Property Pages and Wizard Pages

A property sheet is a window that allows the user to view and edit the properties of an item. A property sheet contains one or more overlapping child windows called property pages, each that contains control windows for setting a group of related properties. For example, a page can contain the controls for setting the font properties of an item, including the type style, point size, color, and so on. Each page has a tab that the user can click to bring the page to the foreground of the property sheet. For more information about how to add property pages to a snap-in, see Adding Property Pages.

There is also a special type of property sheet called a wizard. Wizards are designed to present pages one at a time in a sequence that is controlled by the application. Instead of selecting from a group of pages by clicking a tab, users move forward and backward through the sequence, one page at a time, by clicking the Next or Back button located at the bottom of the wizard. For more information about how to add wizard pages to a snap-in, see Adding Wizard Pages.