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Load method

Instructs the object to initialize itself by using the properties available in the property bag,and to notify the provided error log object when errors occur.


HRESULT retVal = object.Load(pPropBag, pErrLog);


pPropBag [in]

Type: IPropertyBag2

The address of the caller's IPropertyBag2 interface, through which the object can read properties. This argument cannot be NULL.

pErrLog [in]

Type: IErrorLog

The address of the caller's IErrorlog interface, in which the object stores any errors that occur during initialization. This argument can be NULL; in which case, the caller does not receive errors.


All property storage must take place within the IPersistPropertyBag2::Load function call, because the object cannot keep the IPropertyBag2 interface pointer passed in pPropBag.

E_NOTIMPL is not a valid return code, because any object that implements this interface must support the entire functionality of the interface.