Defining Permissions in Script

In Authorization Manager, you define which users have access to which application resources by creating an authorization policy store.

Aa446606.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo define access permissions

  1. Create the store where the authorization policy is defined:
    Creating an Authorization Policy Store in Script
  2. Create a section in the authorization policy store for a specific application:
    Creating an Application Object in Script
  3. Define operations that the application implements to access and modify resources:
    Defining Operations in Script
  4. Group operations into high-level tasks that users want to perform:
    Grouping Operations into Tasks in Script
  5. Define roles that consist of groups of tasks:
    Grouping Tasks into Roles in Script
    A user that is assigned to a role has permission to perform any task assigned to that role.
  6. Create scripts to qualify access to tasks at run time:
    Qualifying Access with Business Logic in Script
    This step is optional.
  7. Define groups of users:
    Defining Groups of Users in Script
    These groups can then be assigned to roles to determine which tasks they can perform.
  8. Add users to user groups:
    Adding Users to an Application Group in Script