Performance Monitoring Provider

[The Perfmon provider is no longer available for use. Instead, use the WMIPerfClass and WMIPerfInst providers.]

Windows Server 2003:  The Perfmon provider, while still supported, is not a high-performance provider. Use the classes, derived from Win32_Perf, that have data supplied by the Performance Counter provider and the Formatted Performance Data Provider, which are high-performance providers.

The Performance Monitoring provider, also known as the Perfmon provider, returns calculated data to management applications from the performance libraries in the Performance Monitoring system.

The operating system does not automatically install the Performance Monitoring provider. To access system performance data through this provider, first register the Performance Monitoring provider, and then define classes and instances to receive the information from the provider.

This provider follows the standard implementation of IWbemProviderInit and responds to the following IWbemServices methods:

The Performance Monitoring provider also implements the following IWbemPropertyProvider method:

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