The PASSTHROUGHONLY attribute-keyword indicates that the WMI ODBC adapter only attempts to fetch the query data through a single, direct WQL query statement. Use this option to get a success or failure report right away.

If you do not specify PASSTHROUGHONLY, the adapter attempts to get the query data through an alternative route and the query may take a long time before returning the data or failing. If you specify PASSTHROUGHONLY, the adapter succeeds or fail immediately. You can also activate passthrough-only mode through the Passthrough only check box in the Configure Connection dialog box (using the WMI ODBC Adapter).

The PASSTHROUGHONLY keyword acts as a flag and does not require any value. This keyword can be omitted if not needed.

Windows Server 2003:  The WMI Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Adapter is not available in Windows Server 2003. When you upgrade to Windows Server 2003 the WMI ODBC Adapter is not removed if it already exists on a computer. For an alternative type of data access, see Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).