MSFT_UCTraceEventBase class

The MSFT_UCTraceEventBase class is the base class that is used to fire tracing events for observing the outcome of an execution by an updating consumer. Clients can subscribe to these tracing events to facilitate debugging of scenarios. All tracing events must inherit from MSFT_UCTraceEventBase.

Note  For more information about support and installation of this component on a specific operating system, see Operating System Availability of WMI Components.


class MSFT_UCTraceEventBase : __ExtrinsicEvent
  uint32                CommandIndex;
  MSFT_UpdatingConsumer REF Consumer;
  string                ErrorStr;
  object                Event;
  string                ExecutionId;
  uint8                 SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR[];
  uint32                StatusCode;
  uint64                TIME_CREATED;


The MSFT_UCTraceEventBase class has these types of members:


The MSFT_UCTraceEventBase class has these properties.

Data type: uint32
Access type: Read-only

Index of the statement that is currently being executed.

Data type: MSFT_UpdatingConsumer
Access type: Read-only

Reference to an instance of the updating consumer that is being executed.

Data type: string
Access type: Read-only

Information about an error (StatusCode greater than 1). For example, if an updating consumer contains an UPDATE statement that is not valid, the ErrorStr property contains information about the part of the query that is not valid.

Data type: object
Access type: Read-only

Event that is indicated to the updating consumer.

Data type: string
Access type: Read-only

Unique identifier that represents the execution of the updating consumer. Each execution of an updating consumer for an event has a unique identifier. The identifier permits correlation of the command trace events because all commands executed to update a consumer have the same ExecutionId value.

Data type: uint8 array
Access type: Read-only

Descriptor that the event provider uses to determine the users that can receive an event. This property is inherited from __ExtrinsicEvent.

Data type: uint32
Access type: Read-only

Status code that represents the outcome of a command or consumer trace event.

Data type: uint64
Access type: Read-only

Unique value that indicates the time when an event is generated. This is a 64-bit value that represents the number of 100-nanosecond intervals after January 1, 1601. The information is in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format. This property is inherited from __ExtrinsicEvent.

For more information about using uint64 values in scripts, see Scripting in WMI.


For script code examples, see WMI Tasks for Scripts and Applications and the TechNet ScriptCenter Script Repository.

For C++ code examples, see WMI C++ Application Examples.


Minimum supported client

Windows XP

Minimum supported server

None supported

End of client support

Windows XP







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