RequestResponseEx method of the Microsoft_IPMI class

Sends a request for data from an IPMI provider to the IPMI driver. This version of the RequestResponse method adds the DataSize parameter.


void RequestResponseEx(
  [in]  uint8  Command,
  [out] uint8  CompletionCode,
  [in]  uint8  Data[],
  [in]  uint32 DataSize,
  [in]  uint8  Lun,
  [in]  uint8  NetworkFunction,
  [in]  uint32 RequestDataSize,
  [in]  uint8  ResponderAddress,
  [out] uint8  ResponseData,
  [out] uint32 ResponseDataSize


Command [in]

IPMI request command.

CompletionCode [out]

Completion code for the status of the request response.

0 (0x0)

Command completed normally.

192 (0xC0)

Node busy.

193 (0xC1)

The command is not valid.

194 (0xC2)

The command is not valid for given LUN.

195 (0xC3)

Time-out while processing command.

196 (0xC4)

Out of space.

197 (0xC5)

Reservation canceled or reservation ID is not valid.

198 (0xC6)

Request data truncated.

199 (0xC7)

Request data length is not valid.

200 (0xC8)

Request data field length limit exceeded.

201 (0xC9)

Parameter out of range.

206 (0xCE)

Cannot return number of requested data bytes.

203 (0xCB)

Requested sensor, data, or record not present.

204 (0xCC)

Data field in request is not valid.

205 (0xCD)

Command illegal for specified sensor or record type.

206 (0xCE)

Command response could not be provided.

207 (0xCF)

Cannot execute duplicated request.

208 (0xD0)

Command response could not be provided. SDR repository in update mode.

209 (0xD1)

Command response could not be provided. Device in firmware update mode.

210 (0xD2)

Command response could not be provided. BMC initialization in progress.

211 (0xD3)

Destination unavailable.

212 (0xD4)

Cannot execute command. Insufficient privilege level.

213 (0xD5)

Cannot execute command. Command, or request parameters, not supported in present state.


Unspecified error. Codes range between 1...126 or 1...7E.


Device-specific (OEM) completion codes ranging between 128...190 or 80...BE.


Standard command-specific codes reserved.

Data [in]

IPMI request data and context data. The request data block contains the number of bytes specified in RequestDataSize, followed by the context data. The context data block size in bytes is DataSize minus RequestDataSize.

DataSize [in]

Number of bytes in IPMI request and context data.

Lun [in]

Logical unit number to which IPMI request is sent.

NetworkFunction [in]

Network function for the IPMI request.

RequestDataSize [in]

Number of bytes in IPMI request data.

ResponderAddress [in]

Responder address to which IPMI request is sent.

ResponseData [out]

IPMI response data. Completion code is present in response data.

ResponseDataSize [out]

Number of bytes in RequestData. Completion code is included in this size.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008





See also

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