Correlation Consumers

The Event Correlator technology implements the following classes.

Note  For more information about support and installation of this component on a specific operating system, see Operating System Availability of WMI Components.

MSFT_TemplateAssociation Represents an association between a template object and an object created by a template builder.
MSFT_TemplateBase Base class from which all template classes can optionally derive.
MSFT_TemplateBuilder Specifies a low-level object that is created when the user creates an instance of a template object.
MSFT_TemplateErrorStatus Represents error information returned by the template provider when creating template instances.
MSFT_TransientEggTimerEvent Represents the expiration of a particular timer associated with an transient provider instance.
MSFT_TransientRebootEvent Represents an event fired on Windows Management startup.
MSFT_UCScenario Logical grouping of updating consumers and correlation state instances.
MSFT_UCTraceEventBase Base class used to fire tracing events for observing the outcome of an updating consumer execution.
MSFT_UpdatingConsumer Regular WMI event consumer that is associated with one or more update commands describing the actions to perform on event notification.
MSFT_UCEventBase The base class for updating consumer events that is derived from __ExtrinsicEvent.