VirtualChannelInit function pointer

Initializes a client DLL's access to Remote Desktop Services virtual channels. The client calls VirtualChannelInit to register the names of its virtual channels.

Remote Desktop Services provides a pointer to a VirtualChannelInit function in the CHANNEL_ENTRY_POINTS structure passed to your VirtualChannelEntry entry point.


typedef UINT ( VCAPITYPE *VirtualChannelInit)(
  _In_    LPVOID                 *ppInitHandle,
  _Inout_ PCHANNEL_DEF           pChannel,
  _In_    INT                    channelCount,
  _In_    ULONG                  versionRequested,
  _In_    PCHANNEL_INIT_EVENT_FN pChannelInitEventProc


ppInitHandle [in]

Pointer to a variable that receives a handle that identifies the client connection. Use this handle to identify the client in subsequent calls to the VirtualChannelOpen function.

pChannel [in, out]

Pointer to an array of CHANNEL_DEF structures. Each structure contains the name and initialization options of a virtual channel that the client DLL will open. Note that the VirtualChannelInit call does not open these virtual channels; it only reserves the names for use by this application.

channelCount [in]

Specifies the number of entries in the pChannel array.

versionRequested [in]

Specifies the level of virtual channel support. Set this parameter to VIRTUAL_CHANNEL_VERSION_WIN2000.

pChannelInitEventProc [in]

Pointer to an application-defined VirtualChannelInitEvent function that Remote Desktop Services calls to notify the client DLL of virtual channel events.

Return value

If the function succeeds, the return value is CHANNEL_RC_OK.

If an error occurs, the function returns one of the following values.


The client is already connected to an RD Session Host server.


The pChannel parameter is incorrect or one of the channel names is syntactically incorrect.


The ppInitHandle parameter is incorrect.


The pChannelInitEventProc parameter is incorrect.


The VirtualChannelInit function was not called from within your VirtualChannelEntry function.


The pChannel array has more channels than can be registered. Therefore, none of the channels were registered. The maximum number of channels allowed per client is CHANNEL_MAX_COUNT.


You can call the VirtualChannelInit function only from your VirtualChannelEntry function. Calls to VirtualChannelInit at any other time fail.

When VirtualChannelInit returns successfully, Remote Desktop Services has registered the requested channels. However, Remote Desktop Services may not have completed other initialization. When all initialization is complete, Remote Desktop Services calls your VirtualChannelInitEvent callback function with the CHANNEL_EVENT_INITIALIZED event.

You should not make assumptions about the number of available virtual channels before calling this function, because the system and other plug-ins may have reserved virtual channels. Therefore, you should always check for a CHANNEL_RC_TOO_MANY_CHANNELS return code after calling this function.

When VirtualChannelInit returns, the options member of each CHANNEL_DEF structure includes CHANNEL_OPTION_INITIALIZED if the channel was successfully initialized.

The maximum number of channels per client session is CHANNEL_MAX_COUNT.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008



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