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Subsystem Object

[Beginning with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, the Virtual Disk Service COM interface is superseded by the Windows Storage Management API.]

A subsystem object models a storage subsystem. A subsystem is either a RAID enclosure or a PCI RAID card. A single host computer can be connected to any number of subsystems. Each subsystem is managed by exactly one hardware provider. In a SAN configuration, the subsystem class represents a SAN storage enclosure.

A subsystem can contain any number of controllers and drives, and can surface (unmask) any number of LUNs to the computer on which the hardware provider is running. Higher-end subsystems can unmask LUNs to other computers on the network. Each disk drive within a subsystem is connected to a bus and occupies a slot in the bus. Each controller within a subsystem has one or more controller ports.

The illustration that follows shows the physical devices contained in a subsystem (LUNs are not shown) and the relationships among them.


VDS applications use the IVdsHwProvider::QuerySubSystems method to query the subsystems that belong to a specific hardware provider. Callers can get a pointer to a specific subsystem by selecting the desired subsystem object from the enumeration that is returned by the QuerySubSystems method. With a subsystem object, you can set the subsystem status, create LUNs, replace drives, and query for controllers, drives, and LUNs.

In addition to an object identifier, a name, and a serial number, subsystem object properties include the subsystem status, health, and flags; a count of the controllers, slots, and buses; and a rebuild priority setting.

The following table lists related interfaces, enumerations, and structures.

Interfaces that are always exposed by this object IVdsSubSystem.
Interfaces that are always exposed by this object in VDS 1.1 and 2.0 iSCSI providers only IVdsSubSystemIscsi and IVdsSubSystemImportTarget.
Interfaces that may be exposed by this object IVdsSubSystemNaming and IVdsMaintenance.
Associated enumerations VDS_SUB_SYSTEM_FLAG and VDS_SUB_SYSTEM_STATUS.


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