ScheduleByDay (calendarTriggerType) Element

Specifies a daily schedule. For example, the task starts at 8:00 AM every day, every-other day, every third day, and so on.

<xs:element name="ScheduleByDay"

The ScheduleByDay element is defined by the calendarTriggerType complex type.

Parent element

ElementDerived fromDescription
CalendarTrigger calendarTriggerType

Specifies a daily, weekly, monthly, or a monthly day-of-the-week (DOW) trigger.

Child elements

DaysInterval unsignedByte

Specifies the interval between the days in the schedule.


The child element listed previously is defined by the dailyScheduleType complex element types.

The time of day that the task is started is set by the StartBoundary element.

For scripting development, a daily trigger is specified using the DailyTrigger object.

For C++ development, a daily trigger is specified using the IDailyTrigger interface.


The following XML defines a daily calendar trigger that starts the task every day.


For a complete example of the XML for a task that specifies a daily schedule, see Daily Trigger Example (XML).


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]

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