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Remote Desktop Web Connection

Remote Desktop Web Connection is a web application consisting of an ActiveX control and a sample connection page. When you deploy Remote Desktop Web Connection on a web server, you can provide client connectivity to Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) servers and other computers using Internet Explorer and TCP/IP.

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Requirements for Remote Desktop Web Connection

Lists the requirements for a Remote Desktop Web Connection.

Scriptable virtual channels

Describes changes to the programming model for implementing virtual channel applications that are provided by the Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC).


The reference material for Remote Desktop Web Connection is included in the Remote Desktop Web Connection Reference section.

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Installing Remote Desktop Web Connection

The following steps install the Remote Desktop ActiveX control and sample webpage to the %systemroot%\Web\Tsweb directory. They share the webpage in the \Tsweb directory on your server, for example, at http://MyServer/tsweb. The control (Msrdp.ocx) and the Remote Desktop Web Connection code are located in

Aa383019.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo install Remote Desktop Web Connection

  1. In the Add/Remove Programs item in Control Panel, under Add/Remove Windows Components, install Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
  2. Install the World Wide Web Service subcomponent of IIS.
  3. Install the Remote Desktop Web Connection subcomponent of World Wide Web Service.

For a description of the webpage that is included with the installation of Remote Desktop Web Connection, see Sample Webpage Included with the Remote Desktop ActiveX Control.

Release History


Windows Server 2003

Includes an updated Remote Desktop Web Connection that supports RDP 5.2 and is backward compatible with RDP 5.1 and 5.0.

Windows XP

Includes Remote Desktop Web Connection, which is an updated version of the Remote Desktop Services Advanced Client (TSAC). Remote Desktop Web Connection supports RDP 5.1 and is backward compatible with RDP 5.0.

Windows 2000 (Not supported.)

The release of the TSAC as a part of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 1 (SP1), extends Terminal Services technology to the web. The client application only needs Microsoft Internet Explorer, a connection to the World Wide Web, and appropriate rights to view Microsoft ActiveX controls. The TSAC supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 5.0.




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