What's New in the UPnP APIs

The UPnP™ APIs have new features and updated documentation for Windows XP SP2. The following table identifies the new documentation.

IUPnPRemoteEndpointInfo This new interface allows a hosted device to obtain information about a requester (that is, a control point) and the request. It includes three methods, each of which provides a different type of information.
Implementing Device Behavior This topic includes a new section that explains how to obtain endpoint information by using the new IUPnPRemoteEndpointInfo interface.
Configuration Settings This new topic provides information about the registry settings that affect the behavior of the UPnP APIs.
Device Error Codes This new topic explains how an error code from a device is converted to an HRESULT value and vice versa. An understanding of this process is necessary in order to evaluate an HRESULT value that is returned by the IUPnPService::InvokeAction and IUPnPService::QueryStateVariable methods.




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