Control Point API Reference

The following interfaces are part of the Control Point API with UPnP technology. The Control Point API supports Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), Microsoft Visual Basic, and C++.

IUPnPAddressFamilyControl Enables an application to access the address family flag of the Device Finder object.
IUPnPDescriptionDocument Enables an application to load a device description. This interface is safe for scripting.
IUPnPDescriptionDocumentCallback Enables an application to receive the results of an asynchronous load operation.
IUPnPDevice Enables an application to retrieve information about a specific device.
IUPnPDeviceDocumentAccess Enables an application to obtain the URL of a device description document.
IUPnPDeviceDocumentAccessEx Provides a method to obtain the entire XML device description document for a specific device.
IUPnPDeviceFinder Enables an application to find a device.
IUPnPDeviceFinderAddCallbackWithInterface Enables an application to receive asynchronous search results from the UPnP framework along with the GUID of the network adapter through which the device advertisement came.
IUPnPDeviceFinderCallback Enables an application to receive asynchronous search results from the UPnP framework.
IUPnPDevices Enumerates a collection of devices.
IUPnPHttpHeaderControl Enables an application to set "User Agent" HTTP headers from class instances that implement the IUPnPDeviceFinder or the IUPnPDescriptionDocument interfaces.
IUPnPService Enables an application to retrieve state information and invoke actions for a service.
IUPnPServiceAsync Asynchronously query state variables and invoke actions on an instance of a service.
IUPnPServiceCallback Enables an application to receive notification from the UPnP framework when events occur.
IUPnPServices Enumerates a collection of services.




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