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Downloading and using the Remote Desktop ActiveX control

To embed the Remote Desktop Web Connection ActiveX control, follow the directions in Embedding the Remote Desktop ActiveX Control in a Webpage. When a web user accesses a webpage that contains the embedded Remote Desktop ActiveX control, the following happens:

  1. If necessary, Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later initiates a download of the .cab file pointed to by the CODEBASE parameter of the OBJECT tag. This happens under the following conditions:
    • The computer that accessed the webpage does not have a full installation of the Remote Desktop Web Connection client (or the Remote Desktop Services Advanced Client) with web support.
    • The installed version of the .cab file on the client computer is older than the version on the webpage.
  2. After downloading the .cab file, Internet Explorer decompresses it and installs the Remote Desktop ActiveX control in its default location for downloaded controls on the target computer.
  3. The default connection page appears, asking the user for server, logon, and connection information.
  4. The Remote Desktop Web Connection client opens in the webpage. The Windows Logon screen appears in a configuration that depends on the parameters passed, and the settings of the remote computer to which the user is trying to connect.

To download the Remote Desktop Web Connection ActiveX control from the Microsoft Download Center, see Remote Desktop Web Connection for Windows Server 2003.



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