Registering SSP/AP DLLs

After developing a security support provider/authentication package dynamic-link library (SSP/AP DLL) containing one or more custom security packages, you must register it. To do so, add the name of your custom SSP/AP DLL to the data of the following registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Security Packages

The data for this registry value is a list of the names of SSP/AP DLLs, without the ".dll" extension. The data type for this list is REG_MULTI_SZ so there must be a null character ('\0') between each DLL name in the list.

Typically, SSP/AP DLLs are stored in the %systemroot%/system32 directory. If this is the path to your custom SSP/AP DLL then do not include the path as part of the DLL name. If, however, the DLL is in a different path, include the complete path to the DLL in the name.

Each time the system starts, the LSA loads the SSP/AP DLLs in this list and performs the initialization sequence described in LSA-Mode Initialization.

Note  This registry information pertains to SSP/AP DLL's only. For information about registering security support providers (SSPs), see Writing and Installing a Security Support Provider. For information about the differences between SSP/AP and SSP DLLs, see SSP/APs vs. SSPs.

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