Network Security Return Values

The return values that a network provider can set include the following error codes.

Error CodesDescription
WN_SUCCESSThe function succeeded.
WN_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe function is not supported on this network provider.
WN_NET_ERRORA unknown network error occurred.
WN_MORE_DATAThe data buffer passed in is insufficient to contain all of the available data.
WN_BAD_POINTERA pointer that is not valid was specified during the function call.
WN_BAD_VALUEA numeric value that is not valid was specified during the function call.
WN_BAD_PASSWORDAn incorrect password was specified.
WN_ACCESS_DENIEDThe caller does not have sufficient permissions to complete the operation.
WN_FUNCTION_BUSYThis function cannot be reentered and is currently being used, or the provider is still initializing and is not ready to be called yet.

The provider should return this error code only if it is going to be available. This return code is passed by the MPR back to its caller and is likely to cause the caller to retry.

WN_WINDOWS_ERRORA required function failed.
WN_BAD_USERA user name that is not valid was specified.
WN_OUT_OF_MEMORYThere is insufficient memory to complete the operation.
WN_NOT_CONNECTEDThe device is not redirected.
WN_OPEN_FILESThe connection could not be canceled because files are still open.
WN_BAD_NETNAMEThe network name is not valid.