Settings Management Infrastructure (SMI) uses the public interfaces, listed in the following table, to create and access a namespace and to read and write settings.

IItemEnumeratorEnumerates the items of a collection.
ISettingsContextInterfaces with a backing store used to store setting changes made through the other SMI APIs. It provides operations to serialize and deserialize a representation.
ISettingsEngineOpens namespaces and controls how they are opened.
ISettingsIdentityIdentifies a namespace to open or use.
ISettingsItemNavigates the settings tree, retrieves the metadata for a particular setting, and retrieves or modifies its value.
ISettingsNamespaceSets, retrieves, and validates the namespace settings, and saves changes made to the namespace.
ISettingsResultRetrieves the error code and description of an error.
ITargetInfoIdentifies an offline image of a namespace for a target computer.




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