Shutdown Event Tracker

The Shutdown Event Tracker enables the user or application to document the reason for shutting down or restarting the system. The user is prompted to fill in information when selecting Shut Down from the Start menu, or when using Shutdown.exe. Developers can include a reason code when calling the ExitWindowsEx and InitiateSystemShutdownEx functions. The information is stored in the event log.

Windows XP:  While this feature is enabled by default starting with Windows Server 2003, you must enable it on Windows XP. For more information, see the documentation for the Shutdown Event Tracker included in the system or on TechNet.

The ExitWindowsEx and InitiateSystemShutdownEx functions have been updated to support shutdown reason codes in the dwReason parameter. Use the values defined in Reason.h to construct a shutdown reason code, or define a custom reason code. A shutdown reason code is constructed from a major flag, a minor flag, and two optional flags. For more information, see System Shutdown Reason Codes.

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