Enumerating Available QOS Templates

In order to discover which templates are available on a given system, an application can enumerate the available QOS templates, using the WSAGetQOSByName function.

The process of using the WSAGetQOSByName to enumerate available QOS templates follows a set of steps, as outlined in the following list.

  1. The application calls the WSAGetQOSByName function with the lpQOS parameter set to NULL, and a pointer to a structure of type WSABUF provided for the lpQOSName parameter.
  2. A list of available QOS template names is returned in the WSABUF structure pointed to by lpQOSName.
  3. The application peruses the available templates, and selects an appropriate template, based on the template's name (codec), to service the application's required QOS parameters.

Once the list of available QOS templates is obtained, the application may apply a QOS template to a requested connection. The process of applying a QOS template is explained in the section called Applying a QOS Template.



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