Applying a QOS Template

When an application knows the name of the QOS template it wants to use, the process of applying the QOS template is implemented through the WSAGetQOSByName function.

Aa373392.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo apply a QOS template

  1. The application then implements a QOS template by making a call to WSAGetQOSByName. In the function call, the application passes the template name in the lpQOSName parameter, and provides a pointer to a QOS structure to be filled with the template's settings in the lpQOS parameter with a NULL string.
  2. The RSVP SP fills the QOS structure pointed to in lpQOS with the parameters from the selected QOS template.
  3. The application then sets members of its SendingFlowspec and ReceivingFlowspec members of the QOS structure with values that correspond to the values of the associated template. (SendingFlowspec and ReceivingFlowspec are members of the QOS structure, and both are of type FLOWSPEC.) When using a QOS template, you should ensure that your application conforms to the transmission characteristics specified by the template being used.
  4. The application may then make a QOS-enabled connection request, and by using the QOS structure filled in Step 2, implement the QOS template's QOS parameters as part of the request.

For applications that do not know the name of the QOS template they want to use, or want to enumerate the available QOS templates, the process outlined in Enumerating Available QOS Templates should be followed.



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