Remote Differential Compression Interfaces

RDC provides the following COM interfaces that enable synchronization between two locations with an efficient use of bandwidth between the locations.

IFindSimilarResults Provides methods for retrieving information from the file list returned by the ISimilarity::FindSimilarFileId method.
IRdcComparator Compares two signature streams (seed and source) and produces the list of seed and source file data chunks needed to create the target file.
IRdcFileReader Provides the equivalent of a file handle, because the data being synchronized may not exist as a file on disk.
IRdcGenerator Processes the input data and reads the parameters used by the generator.
IRdcGeneratorFilterMaxParameters Sets and retrieves parameters used by the FilterMax generator.
IRdcGeneratorParameters The generic interface for all types of generator parameters. All generator parameter objects must support this interface.
IRdcLibrary The primary interface for using RDC.
IRdcSignatureReader Reads the signatures and the parameters used to generate the signatures.
IRdcSimilarityGenerator Defines methods for enabling the signature generator to generate similarity data and for retrieving the similarity data after it is generated.
ISimilarity Defines methods for storing and retrieving per-file similarity data and file IDs in a similarity file.
ISimilarityFileIdTable Defines methods for storing and retrieving similarity file ID information.
ISimilarityReportProgress Defines a method for RDC to report the current completion percentage of a similarity operation.
ISimilarityTableDumpState Provides a method for retrieving information from the similarity traits list that was returned by the ISimilarityTraitsTable::BeginDump method.
ISimilarityTraitsTable Defines methods for storing per-file similarity data and performing similarity lookups.