The _SummaryInformation table is a special table used with the Summary Information Stream. You can get or set the Summary Information Stream of a Windows Installer database by exporting or importing a text archive file named _SummaryInformation.idt.

The .idt file of an exported _SummaryInformation table has the following format.

  • The first row contains the table column names separated by tabs: PropertyId and Value. See the Summary Information Stream Property Set topic for a list of the properties and their ids (PID).
  • The second row contains the column definitions separated by tabs. The column definitions are specified in the same way as in the basic .idt archive file format. The PropertyId column can be a non-nullable short integer. The Value column can be a non-nullable localizable string 255 characters long.
  • The third row is the table name and the primary key column name separated by tabs: _SummaryInformation and PropertyId.
  • The remaining rows in the file represent the PID and associated value, separated by tabs. Date and time in_SummaryInformation are in the format: YYYY/MM/DD hh::mm::ss. For example, 1999/03/22 15:25:45.

The following is an example of the Summary Information Stream of a database in .idt format.

PropertyId	Value
i2	l255
_SummaryInformation	PropertyId
1	1252
2	Installation Database
3	Internal Quick Test
4	Microsoft Corporation
5	Installer,MSI,Database
6	Installer Internal Release Quick Test
7	Intel;1033
9	{00000002-0001-0000-0000-624474736554}
12	1999/06/21
14	110
15	1
18	Windows Installer

When you use MsiDatabaseImport or the Import method of the Database object to import a text archive table named _SummaryInformation into an installer database, you write the "05SummaryInformation" stream in the database.