Working with Features and Components

There are several functions that change the installation of product components and features. The following describes how to change features and components.

Aa372874.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo change the installation of features and components

  1. Set the installation level for a component or feature by calling the MsiSetInstallLevel function.

    Each feature in a package is assigned an installation level in the Feature table. If the installation level of a feature is lower than the level set by MsiSetInstallLevel, the feature is selected for installation. After MsiSetInstallLevel is called, you can explicitly change whether a feature is installed.

  2. Determine which states are available for a specified feature by calling the MsiGetFeatureValidStates function.
  3. Obtain the disk space requirements for a specified feature and its child features by calling the MsiGetFeatureCost function.
  4. Obtain the current state of a feature or component by calling the MsiGetFeatureState function or the MsiGetComponentState function.
  5. Change the state of the feature or component with the MsiSetFeatureState function or the MsiSetComponentState function.