Resource DLL Functions

The Resource DLL functions allow the Cluster service to manage resources indirectly through a Resource Monitor and a resource DLL. These function are only used by resource DLLs, except for the cluster database access functions, which should be avoided by cluster-aware application whenever possible.

For more information about how to create resource DLLs, see Creating Resource Types.

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Resource DLL Entry-Point Functions

The resource DLL entry point functions are used by the Cluster service to indirectly initiate operations on cluster resources. These functions are implemented in resource DLLs.

Resource DLL Callback Functions

The resource DLL callback functions allow a resource DLL to report status and event information to a Resource Monitor, which then provides the information to the Cluster service.

Cluster Database Access Functions

The cluster database access functions are called by Resource DLLs to create and initialize private properties and perform other configuration tasks.

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