Merge Module Summary Information Stream Reference

The following table identifies the properties for the summary information stream of the merge module. For more information, see Summary Information Stream.

Codepage PID_CODEPAGE1VT_I2Identifies the code page used to display the summary information.
Title PID_TITLE2VT_LPSTR"merge module".
Subject PID_SUBJECT3VT_LPSTR ProductName property.
Author PID_AUTHOR4VT_LPSTR Manufacturer property.
Keywords PID_KEYWORDS5VT_LPSTRMergeModule, MSI, database.
Comments PID_COMMENTS6VT_LPSTRDescribes the merge module and its components.
Template PID_TEMPLATE7VT_LPSTRPlatform and language versions supported by database. Required in every merge module. For more information, see Template for the syntax.

A module that contains 64-bit components must have Intel64 or x64 set. For information, see Using 64-bit Merge Modules.

Lists the numeric language identifiers for all languages supported by the module. The first language in the list is the default language of the module. Specifying more than one language results in a multilanguage merge.

Last Saved By PID_LASTAUTHOR8VT_LPSTRSpecifies the platform and language of the patched database using the same syntax as the Template Summary property.
Revision Number PID_REVNUMBER9VT_LPSTRThe unique GUID for this merge module. Required in every merge module.
Create Time/Date PID_CREATE_DTM12VT_FILETIMEThe time and date when the installer database was created.
Last Saved Time/Date PID_LASTSAVE_DTM13VT_FILETIMEInitially null. Each time a user changes an installation database the value is updated to the current system time/date at the time the merge database was saved.
Page Count PID_PAGECOUNT14VT_I4Minimum required installer version. Stored as an integer in the form: Major * 100 + minor. Required in every merge module.
Word Count PID_WORDCOUNT15VT_I4Enter 0 (zero) for this property. Note that in a merge module, files are always inside an embedded cabinet file regardless of the value of this property. Required in every merge module.
Character Count PID_CHARCOUNT16VT_I4Null.
Creating Application PID_APPNAME18VT_LPSTRApplication used to create the installer database. Typically, the value is the name of the software used to author this merge module.
Security PID_SECURITY19VT_I4"2".