Developers of installation packages can author a user interface containing the controls discussed in this topic. For information on how to add a particular control to a dialog box, see the topic for that control and read the section Adding Controls and Text.

Some controls, such as CheckBox and ComboBox, are associated with a property specified in the Property column of the Control table. A user changes the value of this property by interacting with the control. Passive controls, such as Billboard and bitmap, are not associated with such a property.

For security, private properties cannot be changed by a user interacting with the user interface. For a property to be set by the user interface, it needs to be a public property and in uppercase. See also About Properties.

In some cases a control may be redrawn incorrectly when canceling out of a dialog. This has to do with the order in which the controls receive WM_PAINT messages after the Cancel dialog is removed. To fix this, try changing the order of the controls in the Control table.

Control nameAssociated propertyBrief description of control
Billboard NoDisplays billboards based on progress messages.
Bitmap NoDisplays a static picture of a bitmap.
CheckBox YesA two-state check box.
ComboBox YesA drop-down list with an edit field.
DirectoryCombo YesSelect all except the last segment of the path.
DirectoryList YesDisplays folders below the main part of path.
Edit YesA regular edit field for any string or integer.
GroupBox NoDisplays a rectangle that groups other controls together.
Hyperlink NoDisplays a HTML link to an address, which opens in the default browser.

Windows Installer 4.5 and earlier:  Not supported.

Icon NoDisplays a static picture of an icon.
Line NoDisplays a horizontal line.
ListBox YesA drop-down list without an edit field.
ListView YesDisplays a column of values with icons for selection.
MaskedEdit YesAn edit field with a mask in the text field.
PathEdit YesDisplays folder name or entire path in an edit field.
ProgressBar control NoBar graph that changes length as it receives progress messages.
PushButton NoDisplays a basic push button.
RadioButtonGroup YesA group of radio buttons.
ScrollableText NoDisplays a long string of text.
SelectionTree YesDisplays information from the Feature table and enables the user to change their selection state.
Text NoDisplays static text.
VolumeCostList NoDisplays costing information on different volumes.
VolumeSelectCombo YesSelects volume from an alphabetical list.