Building an ICE Database

After selecting the appropriate ICEs for validation, a developer must collect the custom actions together into an ICE database. A .cub file is a standard .msi database that contains only ICEs and their required tables. A .cub file cannot be installed and is used only to store and provide access to ICE custom actions.

A .cub file contains the following database tables.

Binary The script files, DLLs, and EXEs of the ICE customs actions that are referenced in the CustomAction table.
CustomAction Each record in this table corresponds to an ICE custom action included in the .cub file.
_ICESequenceThis table lists the ICE customs actions included in the .cub file in their execution sequence. The ICE custom actions listed in this table are executed by calling MsiSequence, or individually executed using MsiDoAction.
_Validation This table contains the .cub file entries that are to be merged into the _Validation table.
_SpecialAny special processing tables required by particular ICE custom actions must be included in the .cub file. The name of these tables must have a leading underscore.


See Sample .cub File.

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