About the Failover Cluster APIs

This section describes the architecture of failover clusters, and the Failover Cluster APIs.

The API Sets

The Failover Cluster APIs consist of the Failover Cluster API, and three specialized APIs:

Failover Cluster API

The primary set of programming elements that you can use to write applications and services that use or manage failover clusters.

Failover Cluster Automation Server

An API that allows you to use a scripting language to develop a remote application that administers failover clusters.

Failover Cluster Provider

A WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) provider that manages failover clusters.

In this section

About Failover Clusters

Describes the structure and components of failover clusters.

Failover Cluster Application Types

Describes the types of applications and services in failover clustering environments, and how they interact with the Failover Cluster APIs.

About the Failover Cluster API

Describes the structure and components of the Failover Cluster API.

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