IMAPIv1 Support

Image Mastering API version 1 (IMAPIv1) lets an application stage and burn a simple audio or data image to CD-R and CD-RW devices. The API supports the Joliet and ISO 9660 formats for Redbook audio and data discs.

Note  IMAPI was completely redesigned for version 2.0. Most of the version 1.0 functionality is available in version 2.0. Those writing image mastering applications or performing new device and format development are encouraged to use version 2.0 instead of version 1.0. If you run a version 1.0 application on Windows Vista, the version 1.0 interfaces will convert those calls into the appropriate version 2.0 calls to achieve identical functionality.

For more information on using version 1.0 on Windows XP, see the following topics: