EAPHost Peer Method Structures

The EAPHost Peer Method API structures are as follows.

EapCertificateCredential Contains information about the certificate that the EAP method uses for authentication.
EapCredential Contains information about the credentials type and the appropriate credentials. This is passed as an input to the EapPeerGetConfigBlobAndUserBlob API.
EAP_PEER_METHOD_ROUTINES Contains a set of function pointers to the EAPHost Peer Method APIs.
EapPeerMethodOutput Contains the action information returned by an EAP peer method.
EapPeerMethodResult Contains result data generated by an EAP method during authentication.
EapSimCredential Contains information about the SIM that is used by the EAP method for authentication.
EapUsernamePasswordCredential Contains the username and password that is used by the EAP method for authenticating the user.




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