EapPeerSetCredentials function

Supplies new or updated authentication credentials to the EAP method.


DWORD WINAPI EapPeerSetCredentials(
  _In_  EAP_SESSION_HANDLE sessionHandle,
  _In_  LPWSTR             pwszIdentity,
  _In_  LPWSTR             pwszPassword,
  _Out_ EAP_ERROR          **ppEapError


sessionHandle [in]

A pointer to an EAP_SESSION_HANDLE structure that contains the unique handle for this EAP authentication session on the EAPHost server. This handle is returned in the pSessionHandle parameter in a previous call to EapPeerBeginSession.

pwszIdentity [in]

A pointer that specifies the user identity for which to set the credentials. This user identity string is obtained by calling the EapPeerGetIdentity function.

pwszPassword [in]

A pointer that contains the clear text password for the user identity.

ppEapError [out]

A pointer to a pointer to an EAP_ERROR structure that contains any errors raised during the execution of this function call. After consuming the error data, this memory must be freed by calling EapPeerFreeErrorMemory.


If the registry key InvokeUserNameDlg is set, EapPeerSetCredentials should be exported. If the registry key InvokeUserNameDlg is not set, EapPeerSetCredentials should export the EapPeerGetIdentity and EapPeerInvokeIdentityUI functions.

This call is performed by a peer-based EAPHost using a function pointer to this API. This API must be implemented on the EAP method loaded by EAPHost, and must strictly conform to the syntax and parameter types specified in the documentation.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]



See also

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