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System.Machine.PowerStatus.batteryStatus property

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Gets the charge state of the computer's battery.

This property is read-only.


ibatteryStatus = System.Machine.PowerStatus.batteryStatus

Property value

An Integer that receives the charge state of the battery.


BATTERYSTATUS_MEDIUM: The battery capacity is between 33% and 66%.


BATTERYSTATUS_HIGH: The battery capacity is over 66%.


BATTERYSTATUS_LOW: The battery capacity is under 33%.


BATTERYSTATUS_CRITICAL: The battery capacity is under 5%.


BATTERYSTATUS_NOBATTERY: No battery detected. The battery is not connected, not charging, and not providing power to the computer.


BATTERYSTATUS_UNKNOWN: Unknown battery status. The battery is not responding.


If the computer is plugged in, batteryStatus will not indicate the charge state.

Users can redefine LOW and CRITICAL charge states in Control Panel|Power Options|Change plan settings|Change advanced power settings|Battery settings.


The following example demonstrates how to get the power supply information for the computer.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Get the machine power information.
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
function GetPowerStatus()
    if (System.Machine.PowerStatus.isPowerLineConnected == false)
        sMachinePowerInfo = "Power Supply: Battery<br/>";
        sMachinePowerInfo += "Battery Capacity Remaining: " + System.Machine.batteryCapacityRemaining + "<br/>";
        sMachinePowerInfo += "Battery Capacity Total: " + System.Machine.batteryCapacityTotal + "<br/>";
        sMachinePowerInfo += "Battery Percent Remaining: " + System.Machine.batteryPercentRemaining + "<br/>";
        sMachinePowerInfo += "Battery Status: " + System.Machine.batteryStatus + "<br/>";
        sMachinePowerInfo += "Is Battery Charging: " + System.Machine.isBatteryCharging + "<br/>";
        sMachinePowerInfo += "Available Memory: " + System.Machine.availableMemory + "<br/>";
        sMachinePowerInfo += "Power Supply: Plugged in<br/>";
    return sMachinePowerInfo;


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]

End of client support

Windows 7

End of server support

Windows Server 2008




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