Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Appendix

Appendix A: Privacy at a Glance

Appendix B: Security Definitions for Vulnerability Work Item Tracking

Appendix C: SDL Privacy Questionnaire

Appendix D: Firewall Rules and Requirements

Appendix E: Required and Recommended Compilers, Tools, and Options for All Platforms

Appendix F: SDL Requirement: No Executable Pages

Appendix G: SDL Requirement: No Shared Sections

Appendix H: SDL Standard Annotation Language (SAL) Recommendations for Native Win32 Code

Appendix I: SDL Requirement: Heap Manager Fail Fast Setting

Appendix J: SDL Requirement: Application Verifier

Appendix K: SDL Privacy Escalation Response Framework (Sample)

Appendix L: Glossary

Appendix M: SDL Privacy Bug Bar (Sample)

Appendix N: SDL Security Bug Bar (Sample)

Appendix O: Security Plan (Sample)

Appendix P: SDL-Agile Every-Sprint Requirements

Appendix Q: SDL-Agile Bucket Requirements

Appendix R: SDL-Agile One-Time Requirements

Appendix S: SDL-Agile High-Risk Code

Appendix T: SDL-Agile Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix U: SDL-LOB Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Appendix V: Lessons Learned and General Policies for Developing LOB Applications

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