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Windows.ApplicationModel.Appointments namespace

Contains the Appointment class and related support classes. An Appointment represents an appointment in a calendar.


The Windows.ApplicationModel.Appointments namespace has these types of members:


Appointment Represents an appointment in a calendar. This class is used when an app is activated using the AppointmentsProvider value for ActivationKind, as a value for AppointmentInformation properties.
AppointmentCalendar Represents a calendar with appointments.
AppointmentCalendarSyncManager Provides access to sync functionality for an AppointmentCalendar object.
AppointmentConflictResult Represents a conflict between appointments.
AppointmentException Represents an appointment instance that is an exception from the master appointment.
AppointmentInvitee Represents a participant of an appointment in a calendar.
AppointmentManager Provides API to interact with the user’s Appointments provider app (for example, the Calendar app). Call static methods to display provider-specific UI so that the user can perform tasks.
AppointmentOrganizer Represents the organizer of an appointment in a calendar.
AppointmentProperties Provides strings that identify the properties of an appointment.
AppointmentRecurrence Represents when and how often an appointment occurs.
AppointmentStore Represents a store that contains appointments.
AppointmentStoreChange Represents a change that has occurred in an appointment store.
AppointmentStoreChangedDeferral Represents a background task deferral returned by the AppointmentStoreChangedEventArgs.GetDeferral method.
AppointmentStoreChangedEventArgs Provides data for a StoreChanged event.
AppointmentStoreChangeReader Enables the calling app to read through the changes to appointments in its appointment store.
AppointmentStoreChangeTracker Provides APIs for managing change tracking for appointments.
AppointmentStoreNotificationTriggerDetails Passed to a background task to indicate that the task was invoked by an AppointmentStore.
FindAppointmentsOptions Represents a set of options that modifies a query for appointments.



The Windows.ApplicationModel.Appointments namespace has these enumerations.

AppointmentBusyStatus Specifies the busy status for a participant of an appointment.
AppointmentCalendarOtherAppReadAccess Specifies the level of read access provided to an app calendar.
AppointmentCalendarOtherAppWriteAccess Specifies the level of write access provided to an app calendar.
AppointmentCalendarSyncStatus Specifies the current sync status of an AppointmentCalendar.
AppointmentConflictType Specifies the way in which an appointment conflicts with another appointment.
AppointmentDaysOfWeek Specifies the days of the week on which an appointment occurs.
AppointmentDetailsKind Defines the type of content in appointment details.
AppointmentParticipantResponse Specifies the response from a participant concerning an appointment invitation.
AppointmentParticipantRole Specifies the role of an item concerning an appointment invitation.
AppointmentRecurrenceUnit Specifies the frequency for which an appointment occurs.
AppointmentSensitivity Specifies the sensitivity of an appointment.
AppointmentStoreAccessType Specifies the level of access granted to an AppointmentStore.
AppointmentStoreChangeType Specifies the type of change represented by an AppointmentStoreChange object.
AppointmentSummaryCardView Specifies how the summary card for an appointment is displayed.
AppointmentWeekOfMonth Specifies the week of the month for which the appointment occurs.
FindAppointmentCalendarsOptions Specifies additional options when querying for appointment calendars.
RecurrenceType Specifies the recurrence type of an appointment.



The Windows.ApplicationModel.Appointments namespace defines these interfaces.

IAppointmentParticipant Provides info about a participant of an appointment in a calendar.



For info about how to manage appointments, see Managing appointments and Quickstart: Managing appointments (HTML).


Minimum supported client

Windows 8.1

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 R2

Minimum supported phone

Windows Phone 8.1 [Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 and Windows Runtime apps]


Windows::ApplicationModel::Appointments [C++]



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