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XMQuaternionRotationRollPitchYawFromVector method

Computes a rotation quaternion based on a vector containing the Euler angles (pitch, yaw, and roll).


XMVECTOR XMQuaternionRotationRollPitchYawFromVector(
  [in] XMVECTOR Angles


Angles [in]

3D vector containing the Euler angles in the order pitch, yaw, roll.

Return value

Returns the rotation quaternion.


The DirectXMath quaternion functions use an XMVECTOR 4-vector to represent quaternions, where the X, Y, and Z components are the vector part and the W component is the scalar part.

Angles are measured clockwise when looking along the rotation axis toward the origin. This is a left-handed coordinate system. To use right-handed coordinates, negate all three angles.

The order of transformations is roll first, then pitch, then yaw. The rotations are all applied in the global coordinate frame.

Platform Requirements

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 with the Windows SDK for Windows 8. Supported for Win32 desktop apps, Windows Store apps, and Windows Phone 8 apps.



Use DirectX.



See also

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