Windows.UI.Xaml.Data interfaces

Windows.UI.Xaml.Data interfaces

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ICollectionView interface

Enables collections to support current record management, grouping, and incremental loading (data virtualization).

ICollectionViewFactory interface

Supports creation of the relevant ICollectionView implementation.

ICollectionViewGroup interface

Represents any grouped items within a view.

ICustomProperty interface

Implements custom property definition support for data binding sources that are implemented using COM.

ICustomPropertyProvider interface

Provides lookup service for ICustomProperty support. This interface is implemented by objects so that their custom defined properties can be used as run-time binding sources.

IItemsRangeInfo interface

Provides info about a range of items in the data source.

INotifyPropertyChanged interface

Notifies clients that a property value has changed.

ISelectionInfo interface

Manages whether items and ranges of items in the data source are selected in the list control.

ISupportIncrementalLoading interface

Specifies a calling contract for collection views that support incremental loading.

IValueConverter interface

Exposes methods that allow the data to be modified as it passes through the binding engine.




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