Windows.UI.Xaml.Data classes

Windows.UI.Xaml.Data classes

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Binding class

Defines a binding that connects the properties of binding targets and data sources.

BindingBase class

Provides an abstract base class for the Binding class.

BindingExpression class

Contains information about a single instance of a Binding.

BindingExpressionBase class

Represents the base class for BindingExpression.

BindingOperations class

Provides the static SetBinding method.

CollectionViewSource class

Provides a data source that adds grouping and current-item support to collection classes.

CurrentChangingEventArgs class

Provides data for the CurrentChanging event.

ItemIndexRange class

Provides info about a range of items in the data source.

PropertyChangedEventArgs class

Provides data for the PropertyChanged event.

RelativeSource class

Implements a markup extension that describes the location of the binding source relative to the position of the binding target.




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