Using the Windows Store Dashboard

The Windows Store Dashboard is where you submit a new Windows Store app, view the status of submitted apps, and get information on how your apps are doing.

To access your Dashboard, you must be signed in to your Windows Store developer account. If you don't have a Windows Store developer account, you'll need to sign up for an account now. Check out Account types, locations, and fees and Opening a developer account for more info.

Note  To submit and manage apps for the Windows Phone Store, you'll need to sign in to the Dashboard on the Windows Phone Dev Center.

Accessing your Windows Store Dashboard

Click the "Dashboard" link (found near the top of any page in the Windows Store apps Developer Center). If you're not already signed in with your Microsoft account, you'll be prompted to do so.

Submit an app

To submit a Windows Store app to the Windows Store, open your Dashboard and click Submit an app in the left menu.

This opens the release summary page, where you can enter all the details about your Windows Store app and upload its packages for certification. For more about this process, see Submitting your app.

View your apps in progress

If you haven't yet submitted your Windows Store app for certification, but have begun to work on its submission, you'll see a tile for the app in this section of the Dashboard. You can save your progress at any time and continue the submission process later.

To return to an app in progress, click Edit in the app's tile in the Dashboard.

Once you submit your Windows Store app for certification, you can track its progress by clicking Details in the app's tile. To learn more, see How to check on your app's certification status.

View your apps in the Windows Store

Apps that you have listed in the Windows Store appear in the Apps in the Store section of the Dashboard.

To view metrics and data on how an app is performing, click Reports in the app's tile.

To see the app's description metadata, click Details in the app's tile.

To create a new release, click Details in the app's tile to show the app's description info. From the Release details page, click New release. See Submitting an app update for more info.

Other Dashboard actions

View notifications

Important info about your account or your apps is sometimes displayed in the Notifications section at the top of your Dashboard. These notifications often link to more detailed info. You can delete a notification from your Dashboard by clicking the x in the right column of the notification.

Manage your developer account

You can update your developer account profile using the Profile links in the left menu of the Dashboard.



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