Obtain a game rating certificate

To publish your game in the Windows Store, you may want to first provide a rating that describes the content of the game to buyers. Here we walk you through the options for obtaining a proper game ratings for your game.

What is a game rating?

A game rating is a certification of suitability for certain age groups. Different countries and regions have different ratings standards and bodies. For example, the United States has the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating, much of Europe has the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) rating, and Japan has the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) rating.

If the country or region that you want to sell your game in requires a rating from a particular ratings body, you must get that rating before you can distribute your game there via the Windows Store. Otherwise, obtaining third party ratings is voluntary.

Note  The Windows Store does not allow adult content.

How to get a game certified

In some countries/regions, certification is voluntary. But in others, you must obtain a game rating certificate to include with your game. To find out the rules for game ratings in your locale, or any locales your game will be released in, and how to obtain a third-party rating certificate, visit the rating board's website. See Age ratings and rating boards for more info.

A GDFMaker tool can help you package ratings certificates with your game for upload to the Windows Store. For info about creating a certificate file, see Creating a GDF file.

Important considerations

Plan ahead! Know where you plan to sell your game, and research how you can obtain ratings certificates.

When you design your game, think about your audience. An unnecessary piece of profane dialogue or a poor choice in art assets could limit the audience you want to engage and create a headache when you are releasing your game. Target a specific rating audience early in the game design process.

Know how to create a GDF file. The GDF file contains your rating certificate and is used when you submit a game to the Windows Store.



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