Platform::WriteOnlyArray Class
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Platform::WriteOnlyArray Class


Represents a one-dimensional array that's used as an input parameter when the caller passes an array for the method to fill.

This ref class is declared as private in vccorlib.h; therefore, it's not emitted in metadata and is only consumable from C++. This class is intended only for use as an input parameter that receives an array that the caller has allocated. It is not constructible from user code. It enables a C++ method to write directly into that array—a pattern that's known as the FillArray pattern. For more information, see Array and WriteOnlyArray (C++/CX).

private ref class WriteOnlyArray<T, 1>

Public Methods

These methods have internal accessibility—that is, they are only accessible within the C++ app or component.



WriteOnlyArray::begin Method

An iterator that points to the first element of the array.

WriteOnlyArray::Data Property

A pointer to the data buffer.

WriteOnlyArray::end Method

An iterator that points to one past the last element in the array.

WriteOnlyArray::FastPass Property

Indicates whether the array can use the FastPass mechanism, which is an optimization transparently performed by the system. Don’t use this in your code

WriteOnlyArray::Length Property

Returns the number of elements in the array.

WriteOnlyArray::set Function

Sets the specified element to the specified value.



Compiler option: /ZW

Metadata: Platform.winmd

Namespace: Platform

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