Platform::Collections::VectorView Class

Platform::Collections::VectorView Class


Represents a read-only view of a sequential collection of objects that can be individually accessed by index. The type of each object in the collection is specified by the template parameter.

template <typename T, typename E>
   ref class VectorView sealed;


The type of the elements contained in the VectorView object.


Specifies a binary predicate for testing equality with values of type T. The default value is std::equal_to<T>.

The VectorView class implements the Windows::Foundation::Collections::IVectorView<T> interface, and support for Standard Template Library iterators.

Public Constructors



VectorView::VectorView Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the VectorView class.

Public Methods



VectorView::First Method

Returns an iterator that specifies the first element in the VectorView.

VectorView::GetAt Method

Retrieves the element of the current VectorView that is indicated by the specified index.

VectorView::GetMany Method

Retrieves a sequence of items from the current VectorView, starting at the specified index.

VectorView::IndexOf Method

Searches for the specified item in the current VectorView, and if found, returns the index of the item.

VectorView::Size Method

Returns the number of elements in the current VectorView object.


Header: collection.h

Namespace: Platform::Collections

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