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Guidelines for contracts

This section includes guidelines contracts, settings, devices, and sharing. For info about the search contract, see Guidelines for search, in the Controls section. It also includes guidelines for file pickers and file picker contracts.

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App settings

This topic describes best practices for creating and displaying app settings.

Audio-aware apps

A media element manages playback of video and audio content.

Camera lenses for Windows Phone

In this topic, we'll cover best design practices for using camera lenses and implementing rich media to create consistent, amazing lens app experiences on the Windows Phone. For info about developing lens apps, see Lenses for Windows Phone 8.

Devices that access personal data

Microphones, cameras, location providers, and text messaging services can access the user's personal data or cost the user money, so they are considered sensitive devices. Windows Store apps have features to ensure the user has control over which apps may access these sensitive devices. This topic describes guidelines for designing Windows Store apps to account for how a user may enable and disable device access.

File picker contracts

Follow these guidelines to customize the file picker for apps that participate in the File Open Picker contract, the File Save Picker contract, or the Cached File Updater contract in order to provide other apps with access to the app's content, a save location, or file updates (respectively).

File pickers

The file picker allows an app to access files and folders and to save a file.


Follow these best practices for geofencing in your Windows Runtime app.

Location-aware apps

This topic describes performance guidelines for apps that require access to a user's location.


Follow these guidelines when allowing users to print content from your Windows Store apps.

Print UI design

Follow these guidelines when you design a customized print UI for your Windows Store device app.


This topic describes best practices for using Proximity to connect apps and share content.

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