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Windows Phone app: web view control

Windows Phone app: web view control


A web view control embeds a view into your app that looks and behaves like Internet Explorer. Hyperlinks can also appear and function in a web view control.

Dos and don'ts

  • Make the text size appropriate for the form factor. For example, for Windows Phone the minimum is 15 points.
  • Make sure the website loaded is formatted correctly for the device, and uses colors, typography, and navigation that are consistent with the rest of your app. For more info, see Web development for Windows Phone.
  • Input fields should be sized appropriately, since users may not realize that they can zoom in to enter text.
  • If a web view doesn’t look like the rest of your app consider alternative controls or ways to accomplish relevant tasks. If your web view matches the rest of your app users will see it all as one seamless experience.

Additional usage guidance

You can embed a web view control for a number of reasons, as described at WebBrowser control for Windows Phone.

Use a web view control to display richly formatted HTML content from a remote web server, dynamically generated code, or content files in your app package. Rich content can also contain script code and communicate between the script and your app's code.

When you’re developing an app that uses the web view control, consider the best practices and info regarding security at WebBrowser control security best practices for Windows Phone.

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