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Windows.Security.Cryptography.Certificates classes

Contains class to create a certificate request, install a certificate response, query for certificates, and validate and attest to certificates and signatures.

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Certificate class

Represents a cryptography certificate.

CertificateChain class

Represents a certificate chain used for signature verification.

CertificateEnrollmentManager class

Represents a certificate enrollment manager.

CertificateQuery class

Represents parameters for a query for certificates from the certificate store for an app.

CertificateRequestProperties class

Represents the properties of a certificate request.

CertificateStore class

Represents a certificate store for an app.

CertificateStores class

Represents a collection of certificate stores.

ChainBuildingParameters class

Represents parameters to use when building a certificate chain.

ChainValidationParameters class

Represents values to use when verifying a certificate chain.

CmsAttachedSignature class

Represents a signature attached to a signed CMS message.

CmsDetachedSignature class

Represents a detached signature for a signed CMS message.

CmsSignerInfo class

Represents signer information for a signed CMS message which contains a set of properties.

CmsTimestampInfo class

Represents an RFC3161 unauthenticated timestamp attribute in a signed CMS message.

KeyAlgorithmNames class

Defines several commonly used public key algorithm names. You can use this class in the KeyAlgorithmName property on the CertificateRequestProperties class.

KeyAttestationHelper class

Provides access to key attestation methods.

KeyStorageProviderNames class

Defines several commonly used key storage provider names. You can use this class in the KeyStorageProviderName property on the CertificateRequestProperties class.

UserCertificateEnrollmentManager class

Provides access to certificate creation, import, and enrollment methods.




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