Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators enumerations

Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators Enumerations

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DataClasses enumeration

Describes the cellular data services supported by a mobile broadband network device.

HotspotAuthenticationResponseCode enumeration

Defines values used to indicate status of connection authentication with a mobile hotspot. Provides the response code from the WISPr server for an authentication attempt.

MobileBroadbandAccountWatcherStatus enumeration

Describes different states of a MobileBroadbandAccountWatcherStatus object.

MobileBroadbandDeviceType enumeration

Describes different types of Mobile Broadband devices.

MobileBroadbandPinFormat enumeration

Describes the possible formats for a mobile broadband PIN.

MobileBroadbandPinLockState enumeration

Describes the possible PIN lock states of a mobile broadband PIN.

MobileBroadbandPinType enumeration

Describes the possible types for a mobile broadband PIN.

MobileBroadbandRadioState enumeration

Describes radio states for a Mobile Broadband device.

MobileBroadbandUiccAppOperationStatus enumeration

Describes the status of an operation on a UICC application.

NetworkDeviceStatus enumeration

Describes the readiness of a device to connect to a wireless network.

NetworkOperatorEventMessageType enumeration

Describes the type of a network operator notification message.

NetworkRegistrationState enumeration

Describes the network registration state of a mobile broadband device.

ProfileMediaType enumeration

Describes network types for provisioned network connectivity profiles.

TetheringCapability enumeration

Defines values that can be returned after calling getTetheringCapability to indicate the tethering capabilities of a network account.

TetheringOperationalState enumeration

Defines values used by the TetheringOperationalState property to indicate the operational state of a device's tethering capabilities.

TetheringOperationStatus enumeration

Defines the values returned with a NetworkOperatorTetheringOperationResult object to indicate the status of a tethering operation.

UiccAccessCondition enumeration

Describes the conditions placed on operations using a UICC application.

UiccAppKind enumeration

Describes the kinds of UICC applications.

UiccAppRecordKind enumeration

Describes the kinds of UICC application record.

UssdResultCode enumeration

Describes the USSD response codes for messages sent to the network.




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