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BitmapBuffer class

Represents the pixel data buffer of a bitmap.

BitmapCodecInformation class

Provides access to information about a decoder or encoder.

BitmapDecoder class

Provides read access to bitmap container data as well as data from the first frame.

BitmapEncoder class

Contains methods to create, edit and save images.

BitmapFrame class

Provides read access to data within a single frame.

BitmapProperties class

Provides read and write access to image properties and metadata.

BitmapPropertySet class

Represents a property set of BitmapTypedValue objects.

BitmapPropertiesView class

Provides read access to image properties and metadata.

BitmapTransform class

Contains transformations that can be applied to pixel data.

BitmapTypedValue class

A value along with an enumeration specifying its data type.

ImageStream class

An implementation of IRandomAccessStreamWithContent type used in the Imaging namespace.

PixelDataProvider class

Provides access to the pixel data from a bitmap frame.

SoftwareBitmap class

Represents an uncompressed bitmap.


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